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Diagnostic Diagnostic Services :: Are performed to determine if an electronic component is affecting your transmission's shifting or overall performance.
repair Repair Services :: Our experienced technicians know which parts need to be replaced, and we'll replace them with new, reconditioned, or rebuilt components.
maintenance Maintenance Services :: As part of a transmission’s regular suggested maintenance, our experts recommend to you our standard Maintenance Services.
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If your automotive service need involves your vehicle's transmission you should keep in mind that most problems start out small and get worse over time. Taking care of your automotive transmission repair early on can go a long way in saving you money. Our transmission sevices include:

• Automatic Transmission Repair
• Electrical Diagnosis
• Manual Clutch Service & Repair
• Manual transmission Repair
• Non-Electric Diagnosis
• Transmission Band Adjustments
• Transmission Fluids Exchange

We make sure that our transmission rebuild technicians have the latest technical material available. Car manufacturers are constantly updating the designs of their transmissions. This is why we belong to several organizations that provide us with the necessary information to build you a transmission that will last. Our technicians are in constant training to give them the edge over many other shops when it comes to building a product that will last. All of our rebuilt automatic transmissions come with a 1 year or 12,000 mile limited warranty. transmission
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